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Set yourself up for success with a plan to reach your health and fitness goals while feeling supported every step of the way! 

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Presented by Wellness & Lifestyle Expert Jamie Hess


Learn How To Create YOUR Game Changing Plan To Get Back In Shape & Become The Powerful Person You Know You Can Be

You can’t change what you don’t understand and you need to know that asking for help makes you stronger, not weaker, and it means you’re laying a foundation to set yourself up for success! 

By joining The Big Ask Society, you will discover:

  • Why you get triggered so you can fix it
  • The different types of triggers 
  • How to get to the bottom of your character defects so you can move past them
  • New healthy habits around diet & exercise
  • How to use accountability, and how to ask for support in a way that lands

The reason most diet programs fail is because women try to do it alone.

In The Big Ask Society, I will teach you how to track back a beat in order to get to the bottom of the problem. We identify the root of the weed. Then you can pull out the weed by the root and GROW A NEW DAMN FLOWER in its place!



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Membership in Private Facebook Community

Weekly Q+A with Jamie, as well as Guest Speakers from the World of Wellness

Nutrition Roadmap Handout, with Introductory Video for Guidance

Invitations to Virtual Workouts with Top Trainers

Opt-In to Big Ask Buddy Groups for Daily Peer-to-Peer Accountability


About Jamie Hess


Jamie Hess is a wellness & lifestyle expert, TV personality, and co-creator of the popular Instagram account, @NYCfitfam. Together with her husband George, the two share tips on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and parenting, have produced & co-hosted dozens of wellness events, and was named one of the "7 Fittest Couples on Instagram" by Women’s Health. Jamie is a Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition Coach (NLMC) and the founder of “The Big Ask” where she helps people develop a health and wellness plan they can work themselves and teaching them how to set themselves up for success with accountability.

Jamie contributes to hundreds of shows including, Dr. Oz, TODAY, Good Morning America, and more. She is the face of zuda activewear on QVC and co-host of Off the Gram podcast (one of The 45 Best Podcasts by Good Housekeeping).

In 2020, Jamie & George moved from the heart of New York City to the suburbs of Pennsylvania where they now happily reside with their two boys, Mason and Asher.

Getting control of your health & wellness is not just about nutrition & exercise...

...It’s about speaking up for yourself and understanding what you need.

Join The Big Ask Society and discover how to FINALLY:

  • Start waking up with energy! No more wanting to crawl back in bed!
  • Feel comfortable & confident in your body
  • Live consistently in a GOOD MOOD
  • Live free of bloating & inflammation
  • Feel sexy, rejuvenated, attractive, & HOT!
  • Have freedom from food obsession & racing thoughts
  • Get excited to workout
  • Feel supported!

I believe that this is what everyone should have. I believe that this is what you deserve…

If Following a Diet and Succeeding Were That Easy… We’d All Just….. DO IT 

I’ll not only give you a plan on what you can do to reach your health and fitness goals, but a way to ensure you ACTUALLY do it this time!